Saturday, March 1, 2014

You have entered Caldari space "name", where criminals will not be tolerated!

Flying patrol is normally a mundane task especially along the Highsec trade routes, but recently i bought two new vessels (Thorax and Punisher). Sadly I didn't find the elusive gf, No honorable 1:1 BATTAL to test the new fits, but i confiscated arms, ammunition and illegal warp disruption gear.
Usually I fly (travel) in my beloved Stiletto, but I'd like to able to engage KRIMINALs ("a noob in thrasher") so I take my new Thorax out. No clue why but there are lots of suspects waltzing around J like nobody would mind their criminal behavior.

Thorax whoring on Thrasher.  0.0 Gank Vexor

I was to slow to safe the unfortunate USS Kent Carter and my Salvager fails me:
"(notify) Wreck of: USS Kent Carter is too far away to use your Salvager I on...
(info) You cannot salvage this wreck because it contains too much loot to fit into a single cargo container."

Oh no to much loot! I wanna shoot the wreck, but CONCORD ...

Yummy - Flashy pod warps back on grid after the gank and finally high tracking ammo pays off (2 grazes+1 pen /3 hits). I secure the Final Blow  \o/.

My new Punisher failed me. The 1st hit with Scorch penetrates, after that I'm unsure if my meta 3 scram was out of range or the pod warped/died. Log says "scramble attempt" and after that it registers one more hit. What ever happened that pod died.

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