Wednesday, May 1, 2013


My researched blueprints (BPO). I consider them researched, when their material efficiency (ME) attribute shows that magic number at which waste is eliminated. Some of my friends show me BPOs with crazy high numbers for ME and try to convince me, that there is some rounding error if you use that  "Perfect Material Level" shown by fuzzwork or chruker, but due to game-mechanics researching ME to sane levels is hard enough and I don't have time and ISK to waste. Keep researching that Nanite Repair Paste blueprint, I will never be able to convince you anyway.

Capital part BPOs researched to 100/20 and other new additions:

So far I'm not planning on doing monthly financial reports, but if i had to pick only one of the BPOs to buy, the most profitable in terms of invested materials was ...

Those stabs were sold in Hek and continue to sell well all over the universe for well over material cost.

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