Thursday, March 20, 2014

Summer expansion

CCP released their plans for the summer expension (dev-blog).
tl;dr: The summer expansion nerfs Replicators (mineral compression).
  • Reprocessing rates -27.6%
  • Ore and ice gain (= value) +38.1%
This is going to ...
  1. make patch profiteering very lucrative as it makes sense to stockpiling ore and ice!
  2. increase (transport) costs by a lot. How much? Figure it out yourself! Hint:
    "Note that the compressed volume is 1/23rd that of the uncompressed minerals." (mineral-compression-illustrated-guide)
  3. make compression items (Researched compression blueprints) redundant.
  4. make the Compression Array (replaces the Medium Intensive Refinery) the only alternative to the Rorqual in Highsec. 
  • likely buff coming, but only after summer expansion.
  • compression (Rorqual ore blueprints) is buffed (linked to the +38.1% extra gain).
    "... to make it competitive with current modules like the 425mm Railgun ..." (ccp)

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