Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Today Rubicon v1.3 was rolled out. It is another balancing-patch, but this time we got some new toys:


More exciting are the changes to the Rifter, which gets its tracking speed bonus changed to a falloff bonus. I'm happy that the Rifter gets some attention after the "balancing"-nerf, however I'm not sure this change will make the old crowd favorite competitive again (pretty sure you are going to have more difficulties against tracking disruption).

After lots of drama CCP is going to change Drone Assist, a mechanic I have little love or need for, so I'm unfazed by this change. I find it hard to believe that Drones are making CCP's server lag and not the 1001 grunts in system, but maybe CCP can convince someone else (probably the drama-queens) that the problem isn't numbers, their old servers and leaky code.

CCP decided to change the Tristan's art in 1.3, I will let you decide if the new Tristan-hull looks better than the "fatman".
Tristan and Tristan v1.3

Not mentioned in the patch notes are the newly available paint-jobs. They are available in the Nex-store or you can buy the paint-job, which is supplied as blueprint-copy, via contract. I really like the Kador Edition of the Abaddon.

Abaddon Kador Edition

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