Saturday, May 17, 2014

Selling an Archon

I sold my first Archon and maybe I made a little profit!

The Archon was build from my BPO with ML 1. Its build-cost was about 1,253 (according to fuzzy). This is a loss with current mineral prices, but I had them stockpiled. My price was about average for The Forge region and it took a while to sell (2w++). How my competition is able to offer them for under 1,196 is a mystery to me, as even building with a perfect BPO (ML 8) costs about 1,18. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Summer expansion

CCP released their plans for the summer expension (dev-blog).
tl;dr: The summer expansion nerfs Replicators (mineral compression).
  • Reprocessing rates -27.6%
  • Ore and ice gain (= value) +38.1%
This is going to ...
  1. make patch profiteering very lucrative as it makes sense to stockpiling ore and ice!
  2. increase (transport) costs by a lot. How much? Figure it out yourself! Hint:
    "Note that the compressed volume is 1/23rd that of the uncompressed minerals." (mineral-compression-illustrated-guide)
  3. make compression items (Researched compression blueprints) redundant.
  4. make the Compression Array (replaces the Medium Intensive Refinery) the only alternative to the Rorqual in Highsec. 
  • likely buff coming, but only after summer expansion.
  • compression (Rorqual ore blueprints) is buffed (linked to the +38.1% extra gain).
    "... to make it competitive with current modules like the 425mm Railgun ..." (ccp)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Today Rubicon v1.3 was rolled out. It is another balancing-patch, but this time we got some new toys:


More exciting are the changes to the Rifter, which gets its tracking speed bonus changed to a falloff bonus. I'm happy that the Rifter gets some attention after the "balancing"-nerf, however I'm not sure this change will make the old crowd favorite competitive again (pretty sure you are going to have more difficulties against tracking disruption).

After lots of drama CCP is going to change Drone Assist, a mechanic I have little love or need for, so I'm unfazed by this change. I find it hard to believe that Drones are making CCP's server lag and not the 1001 grunts in system, but maybe CCP can convince someone else (probably the drama-queens) that the problem isn't numbers, their old servers and leaky code.

CCP decided to change the Tristan's art in 1.3, I will let you decide if the new Tristan-hull looks better than the "fatman".
Tristan and Tristan v1.3

Not mentioned in the patch notes are the newly available paint-jobs. They are available in the Nex-store or you can buy the paint-job, which is supplied as blueprint-copy, via contract. I really like the Kador Edition of the Abaddon.

Abaddon Kador Edition

Friday, March 7, 2014

Eve Bloggers


I managed to get listed on Eve Bloggers. Thank you.

International Women's Day

Tomorrow is International Women's Day and I believe equality for women is progress for all, that is why I'd like to push for more gender equality in EVE. The list of ships clearly not representing the female is endless so I will only post one clear offender!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Finally Captain's Quarters?

"Deactivated Station Key Pass
At the end of YC114, station managers across New Eden were surprised and shocked by the accidental delivery of station key passes to large numbers of pilots due to an inventory error in the InterBus central database. With recall next to impossible, the recommendation of veteran station manager Scotty, now consulting with the SCC, was to simply send out a general deactivation order and replace the master key passes used by station staff. The mistakenly delivered passes are now nothing more than souvenirs of an odd but ultimately harmless incident." (EVElopedia)

I found a working key! You have to install a "mod" called Warframe and build your Station Key Pass (clan key).

warframe signup 
join my clan

Saturday, March 1, 2014

You have entered Caldari space "name", where criminals will not be tolerated!

Flying patrol is normally a mundane task especially along the Highsec trade routes, but recently i bought two new vessels (Thorax and Punisher). Sadly I didn't find the elusive gf, No honorable 1:1 BATTAL to test the new fits, but i confiscated arms, ammunition and illegal warp disruption gear.
Usually I fly (travel) in my beloved Stiletto, but I'd like to able to engage KRIMINALs ("a noob in thrasher") so I take my new Thorax out. No clue why but there are lots of suspects waltzing around J like nobody would mind their criminal behavior.

Thorax whoring on Thrasher.  0.0 Gank Vexor

I was to slow to safe the unfortunate USS Kent Carter and my Salvager fails me:
"(notify) Wreck of: USS Kent Carter is too far away to use your Salvager I on...
(info) You cannot salvage this wreck because it contains too much loot to fit into a single cargo container."

Oh no to much loot! I wanna shoot the wreck, but CONCORD ...

Yummy - Flashy pod warps back on grid after the gank and finally high tracking ammo pays off (2 grazes+1 pen /3 hits). I secure the Final Blow  \o/.

My new Punisher failed me. The 1st hit with Scorch penetrates, after that I'm unsure if my meta 3 scram was out of range or the pod warped/died. Log says "scramble attempt" and after that it registers one more hit. What ever happened that pod died.